Sad news, nonconsensual bukkake aficionados. In one of the shortest debates to occur in the Oregon House, a specific type of gang initiation was called into question this week. A proposed new law would make it a second-degree sex abuse crime to fling "a dangerous substance at another person" in the state of Oregon. Said substance is semen or other bodily fluids tossed out of sexual desire or otherwise. (Think of that scene in Silence of the Lambs where that loony inmate hisses to Jodie Foster, "I can smell your [flower]," then tosses his juice at her.)

Here's how the debate went down:

"Good bill. I urge your aye vote," Rep. Chris Garrett, D-Lake Oswego, said Tuesday about House Bill 2478.

Any closing remarks?

"No," Garrett said firmly.

The new proposed law follows a vile moment last June when a potential gang member threw his semen on a Portland mother inside a Target store. While the creep was convicted of assault, many thought the crime "should fall into the category of a sexual assault."

The bill passed 57-0 and now moves to the Senate.

In related news: Oregon has gangs? How adorable.