Three Hayward residents (of course) are sitting in jail facing attempted murder charges after kidnapping and beating a man they met online. The 22-year-old unidentified victim, a San Jose man, had "gone to a Hayward motel to meet a woman after responding to a social networking Web site." (Which site? Who knows. Since they don't flat out mention Craigslist, which MSM loves to do, we're going to call it out as According to CBS 5, "When the man arrived at the motel, police say he was beaten by the three suspects. The three then allegedly used the victim's ATM card to get cash, drove him to the Bethany Reservoir and beat him some more. " He was fond the next morning by a fisherman. The three suspects are 28-year-old Rodolfo Aguilar, 32-year-old Salim Ahmed and 20-year-old Lydia Troche. See, this is why online sex hookups just don't work in the heterosexual community. Alas. Update: the online site in question, according to the SJ Merc, was