Sorry for the late notice, but we just got word: \head over to the Castro between 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. to celebrate Iowa's ruling in favor of equal rights. The official Celebration Rally in SF for Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Ruling say it'll be a seriously fun celebration honoring the Midwest. Rumor has it popcorn will be served -- which, we assume, is all they eat in Iowa -- so this could be the one day of the year many of you will get to digest carbohydrates. (Ack!)

We will distribute popcorn - that Iowa staple food - in their honor and update people on plans for the day of decision from our own State Supreme Court. (Tentative appearance from a few country western dancers from Sundance - yippee!) Let's send the message to the California Supreme Court that marriage equality is popping up all over. The value of fairness and equality for all has resonated today in America’s Heartland let us hope the ripple of hope and tradition of extending civil rights to all minorities continues back to the Golden State.

Drink responsibly. Ish.

Also, be sure to check out for all of comprehensive coverage about civil marriage equality in California.