More music from composers that are not dead: the Switchboard festival at the Dance Mission Theater puts together the best contemporary music the Bay Area has to offer. Between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. this Sunday, you get performances by Mason Bates, who will be featured by the SF Symphony later this spring, and who rocked Mezzanine with his blend of classical music intertwined with techno beats; Paul Dresher, a Cal graduate whose Slow Fire is a cult classic, and whose Tyrant we thoroughly enjoyed; David Lang, a Pulitzer prize winner in music, and the founder of the Bang on a Can collective, whose festival was called by the Chron's Joshua Kosman "the country's most important vehicle for contemporary music at the turn of the millennium;" Classical Revolution, the musicians who pull off playing string quartets on Wednesdays evening at Cafe Revolution (on 22nd street) to a standing room only audience; and plenty other amazing artists, including some with funky names, like Moe! Staiano (the exclamation point is his, not ours) and Japonize Elephants.