Eye On Blogs has word (via AP) that there will be a candle light vigil tonight for murderer, (suspected) child rapist, and waste of space Lovelle Mixon.


Vigil planned for suspected Oakland cop shooter. Oakland police and community member mourn the loss of four officers, a group plans to remember the man accused of gunning them down.

The group, called International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, is holding a vigil tonight for Lovelle Mixon. Authorities say Mixon fatally shot two officers during a traffic stop Saturday, then killed two more after the manhunt led to a shootout at an apartment building. Mixon also was killed. Kihad Deen, a member of the group, says he doesn't condone what Mixon did, but says it highlights frustrations between the community and the police.

Kihad Deen seems to be, for lack of a better word, retarded.

Sadly, tonight's vigil will highlight nothing of importance or complexity. That is, other than a group figuring out a fantastic way to get press. So in that sense: way to go, IPDU!