In a relatively affordable act of civic duty and nostalgia, we've just subscribed to the print edition of the , "The Voice of the West."

Our first day's paper arrived this morning, and what a thrill it was to put on our slippers and go down to the sidewalk to fetch it, just like we've seen people do in the movies.

Of course, we turned right to the serious stuff: "Obama's Gamble on Geithner Bank Fix," an analysis of recent economic developments. But the story turned tawdry in its final paragraphs on page A16. The Obama administration, it seems, is caught "in a vice."

Whoa! This takes us back to the Clinton administration!

Since SFist's content is rigorously screened by a small army of sharp-eyed and union-wage-earning proofreaders, we feel authorized to mock the spelling, grammar, and word-choice "vices" of other publications.

As Merriam-Webster tells us:

VICE (noun): moral depravity or corruption. [We see that both the Clinton and Bush administrations are covered.]

VISE (noun): any of various tools for holding work that close usually by a screw, lever, or cam.

Note that -- surprisingly -- only one of these terms is etymologically related to the word "screw."

Flickr photo "Vice" by eflon. Some rights reserved.

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