According to Matier & Ross, an interoffice romance, if you will, between two BART officers might have played a part in the shooting death of Oscar Grant. M&R report:

According to the March 2 complaint, a female officer "got in the face of the young men (suspected of being in the fight) and repeatedly pointed her Taser at them, threatening to tase them in the face."

One of them, Grant, got right back in her face, prompting [her romantic partner] to rush over and push him to the ground "while threatening to Taser him," the complaint says.

More words were exchanged, prompting Mehserle to come over to assist in restraining Grant, pull his gun and fire once into Grant's back.

While neither of the allegedly in-love BART officers have been identified, Grant family attorney John Burris describes their relationship as "unprofessional" and "an open secret." We're not sure how this type of drama differs from the typical ¿Quién es más macho? domino effect that goes on within police departments. It will be interesting to see how this new angle plays out in court.