filmstrip-darickrobertson.jpg Since you've heard that the irreplaceable Tonga Room is in danger of being made into condos(!!!), and the WonderCon convention is in town, what happens when the two are combined?

Tiki bar crawl. With comic book happy folks.

That's And the guest of honor this year is the Bay Area-esque Darick Robertson, artist behind the slaveringly brilliant Transmetropolitan series (with Uncle Internet Jesus Warren Ellis). Robertson is currently working on superhero deconstruction/destruction The Boys with the maniacal Garth Ennis, the book that's aimed to "out-Preacher [the] Preacher [comics]." To try to out-do one of Ennis's previous high points is some Serious Business. Throughout his work, Mr. Robertson is a man of admirable, gleeful skill.

This crawl is put together by the villainously-coifed James Sime, proprietor of the absolutely lovely Isotope Comic Book Lounge in Hayes Valley.

Come! See! Drinks will be drunk from bowls with mini-umbrellas, comics will surely be discussed, and terrifying tropical shirts will be unleashed!

If comic books can regularly save the world, then perhaps they can save the Tonga Room too!

More Tonga Room coverage to come. Images via Isotope's blog post regarding the crawl is after the jump.