We're trying to remember if we cared about Barneys opening in SF, but it sure doesn't look like it. Well, we felt pretty damn smart for having the foresight (or laziness) not to make assertions like Barneys likely to give already bustling Union Square retailers lift (whoops) when we saw Racked's post discussing the (subscription) WWD article on the luxury department store chain's struggles.

Apparently, the store's company lacks leadership, its owner has been trying to sell but no one wants it, "and the financial middle men Barneys relies on to buy merchandise (called "factors") aren't approving Barneys' spring orders." Wow, it's like Barneys is selling newspapers instead of 1K+ shopping bags.

While Racked asks "Is it Time to Start Worrying About Barneys?" We ask "Do You Care?" Class and money issues aside (as if it's that easy), is Barneys bringing something so important to Union Square that its closing would be a loss? Have any of you ever even bought anything there?

Yes, we know that the video is for another Barney, but we love it, and How I Met Your Mother, so freakin' much.