Kip Macy and Nicole Macy, the Palo Alto-based landlords who did "everything in their power to evict the tenants or intimidate them into leaving in order to raise rents on the units," are back in the clink this morning.

If you recall, the Macys, in lieu of going through an eviction process, cut support beams, shutoff electricity, pulled phone lines, had workers saw a hole in the living room floor of one tenant, stole property, and "poured ammonia over tenants' possessions" in attempt to vacate their building at 744-746 Clementina. They couple was arrested in April 2008.

Free on $250,000 bail apiece, they had to reapply for bail. But after indictments were returned, their "bail-bond agent refused to help, citing the new allegations and the plunging value of the real estate the couple had put up as collateral."

Kip and Nicole will have to remain in jail until their trial in April.