San Francisco-based band McCabe & Mrs. Miller, which features Camper Van Beethoven co-founder and bassist Victor Krummenacher and the Sippy Cups' Alison Faith Levy, will perform at Hotel Utah this Saturday night as part of the Fencepost Sessions. They will be playing songs from their debut album Time for Leaving, which will be released this spring.

Can't make it to Utah? Well, Krummenacher and his band will also be performing his solo material at the Eagle Tavern on March 5.

Quinn Miller spoke to Krummenacher recently about his latest projects, Robert Altman's film of the same name, and more.

Miller: 'McCabe and Mrs. Miller' is a classic American film by Robert Altman and now, also a collaboration between yourself and Alison Faith Levy. Can you explain what brought you together?

Krummenacher : Alison was playing in, I guess basically you’d call it a children’s band, called the Sippy Cups. And Alison and I have been friends for at least ten, maybe fifteen years, and we’ve played music together at various points but we talked about collaborating. About a year ago she came to me and said “I need to write some adult songs, I’m tired of writing children’s songs right now. I just want to try and do something else.” And it’s not that she had any intention of quitting the Sippy Cups, because that’s something she loves dearly, but she just wanted to go down a different avenue, because she’d been focused in one way and not really writing for somebody of her own age group or demographic or however you want to put that. So, I said “let’s get together” and she came over and basically we sat in the living room and wrote songs. Very, very straightforward - just, “Let’s try this, let’s try that” and this is the first time I’d done anything like that and it’s been very comfortable and really successful for us I think.