2009 will go down as the Year of the NIMBY. Take, for example, ING Bay to Breakers, which has released a new set of rules for the typically willy-nilly San Francisco marathon. New rules include "zero tolerance policy on alcohol," no " wheeled objects and floats," and more dumpsters.

If you recall, last year's Bay to Breakers turned into bedlam after SFist posted a "Race Course Liquor Store Locator," which provided runners with a helpful map showing the nearest booze refilling stations along the course. After a few festive joggers urinated in public, the run almost went the way of Halloween in the Castro 2007.

With new rules set in place for the 2009 run, which will take place on May 17, many of you will want to drink beforehand or get get crafty with your hooch concealing -- flasks, hairspray bottles, vodka in Evian bottles, etc. For a refresher course of liquor stores near the Bay to Breakers route, go here.

To praise or damn B2B, check out their Facebook page.

Update: Turns out you have to wears clothes as well. So, no nudity. This must be a joke.

Image of Bay to Breakers 2008: Jim Herd