Next to the California's sex offender database, this is the most alluring search on the internets right now. The Sacramento Bee has come up with this handy tool where you can search for the newly-released names of donors who not only supported prop 8, but opposed it as well. While the kid in us wants to see who in our neighborhood had the nerve to donate to prop 8 (Sham on you, Promised Land Fellowship in Hayes Valley), the adult in us enjoys seeing who plunked down some serious cash to oppose discrimination. (Thanks, Vincent Pan, Executive Director of San Francisco-based advocacy organization Chinese for Affirmative Action, for the $1,000 to oppose discrimination!)

Anyway, be sure to check out the database. Proposition 8, the Sacto Bee goes on to report, "drew more donations in California this year than any other ballot initiative -- and about as much money as President-elect Barack Obama collected in the state."