Tomorrow's the big day. The planning commission meeting is this Thursday, starting at 1:30. The hearing goes down in room 400 at City Hall. Oh, and Stephen Elliot at Stop American Apparel mentions the following advice that made us do a 180 on the local scribe: "Something to remember is that the planning commissioners are serving without pay. This is a volunteer, civil service position, so please be very respectful of them. Appreciate that they’re doing all of us a service." Hear, hear! Well said. We wish more people understood this.

Also, it's not like this issue is at the same level or as complicated as that of Oscar Grant's murder or proposition 8's passing, so showing up with an affected anarchist attitude might hurt the cause rather than help it. Yes, really. Besides, it looks like the store just won't go up. Everybody from Bevan Dufty to your mother doesn't want it American Apparel to drop spore on Valencia Street. Anyway, good luck tomorrow, anti-AAers.

In other Mission progress news, the New Mission Theater condos --which will go up at the now-defunct Giant Value and New Mission Theater, developed by the owner of Medjool -- will get to stand a 20 extra feet taller due to a clerical error and a "'mayor who has gained politically from the property owner.'"