We'd hate for a day to go by where we didn't bring up American Apparel. So: the mainstream media KRON 4 has finally picked up on the ongoing American Apparel-on-Valencia Street controversy. Kate Thompson dares to step her heels on skid row to ask Valencia Street business comrades for their thoughts on calling AA neighbor. (Hint: they hate it. And fear that the economy getting better one day. God forbid.)

Best of all the report features Sidewalk Juice -- who are also 'nay' on AA -- which is the best place in San Francisco to get smoothies. (Seriously, check them out at 21st and Valencia. You don't even have to go inside anywhere, waiting for your order under vile fluorescent lights and cloying indie pop. Just order your drink from their window, wait on the sidewalk, and -- boom! -- you have Berries Valencia swirling around your mouth in no time.)

In other news, AA might be bankrupt, so all of this could be for nothing.

To read more about the retail chain melee, check out Mission Mission for continued updates.