Well, it was quite a weekend for abortion, wasn't it? The anniversary of Roe v. Wade brought out all kinds of fruits and nuts to show their support for either side of the abortion argument. One side being that a magical creature in the sky will send you to the big pot-au-feu below the Earth's crust if you terminate your pregnancy; the other being that there are too many people on the planet thus we need to find a way to get rid of a few. Or something like that.

Even though the Chronicle didn't give it the coverage they gave it last, columnist / on-air personality C.W. Nevius suggested we all ignore them. SF Mayor Nathan Ballard, or whatever you want to call him, tells C-Dub, "These people are just trying to provoke a reaction ... Why give them what they want? San Francisco is a famously tolerant city. To threaten or intimidate those we disagree with goes against everything the city of St. Francis represents."

Much to our dismay, however, neither a punch was thrown nor a a clump of hair pulled at the rally, which was met with a counter protest. Boo. The march, according to reports, was peaceful. At least more so this year than in the past.

But local photographer Ted Weinstein and Jim Herd braved the elements to to capture Saturday's fevered frenzy. Check out some scenes of child protesters, bloody aborted fetuses, creepy priests, acoustic guitarists, and the subversion of a Dr. Seuss classic.