In an amazing twist, murder charges were officially filed against Johannes Mehserle, 27, who (allegedly) shot and killed Oscar Grant on New Year's Day on the Fruitvale BART station platform. The amazing part is that Mehserle is being charged with murder, not manslaughter. (Even those cops in NYC who shot Sean Bell just hours before his wedding were just charged with manslaughter.) If you recall, Matier & Ross said if "Mehserle is charged with a crime in Grant's shooting, it will be a first."

Waiving extradition to California, Mehserle appeared in court today in Minden, Nevada. he is being held without bail, and will be returned to California by week's end. The disgraced officer was found at "family friend's house in an upscale neighborhood on the east shore of Lake Tahoe." Apparently, he was hiding out due to the many death threats he and his family received.

Word is Mehserle is currently under suicide watch.

Oscar Grant's shooting sparked unrest throughout the Bay Area. A protest is planned for later this afternoon at Oakland City Hall.