Get ready to panic, gays. Bars in Bevan Dufty's district are brimming with tuberculosis. Or so alarmist reports tell us. But according to the esteemed Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco health officials have traced "several cases of tuberculosis to patrons of Castro gay bars, with one of the people infected a bartender in the area." Over 140 employees in the homosexually-inclined neighborhood are being asked to test for TB. However, Gay men's health outreach center Magnet is saying that you don't have to worry unless you're a bartender. (Speaking of which, did anybody see that line coming out of Lime the other day? It wasn't a velvet rope line; it was a line of unemployed people looking for a service industry gig. Oy.) TB is most harmful, we're told, to HIV-positive ilk HIV who are "the biggest risk factor for not only contracting TB but for perpetuating and amplifying transmission," according to Dr. Masae Kawamura, director of the health department's tuberculosis control section.