by Hunter Walker

Todd Mehserle, whose son Johannes is the BART officer who was captured on film shooting Oscar Grant as he lay unarmed and facedown on a subway platform, seems to have a long history of participation on internet message boards. Using information found on what appears to be Mehserle's Myspace page, we uncovered five years of his online commentary. Based on these statements, it seems that Mehserle is an outspoken conservative with a history of anger management issues.

There is a Myspace page for a Todd Mehserle from Napa that was last updated in 2007. Age, location, and family info shown on the Myspace page all match the known facts about Johannes Mehserle's father. This Myspace page was created using the username "tjsails1." A quick google search reveals that the "tjsails1" username was also used to make 21 posts on the Netscape NewsForum in the months surrounding the 2004 elections. In one of these posts "tjsails1" identifies themselves as coming from Napa Valley, further linking the comments to Todd Mehserle.

On the Netscape NewsForum "tjsails1" got into heated arguments with liberals whom he described as "cry babies" and "red diaper doper bab[ies]." His posts are riddled with poor spelling and sexual comments about Bill Clinton. If these posts are indeed the work of Todd Mehserle, many of them give insight into his worldview.

In one of his posts on the forum, "tjsails1" reveals his support for authoritarian regimes:

"A Big Brother is what we need in this country with all of you having your heads so far in the sand about the real dangers this country is facing..."