Remember how there was supposed to be a protest cum riot at Civic Center tonight? "The kids in Oakland know how to party. Let's show them they are not alone," they puffed chest-ily declared over on IndyBay?

Looks whisper quiet to us. According to our sources, as of 5:30 p.m.there's "maybe a couple hundred folks, 2 choppers, no braids, one rasta hat so far".

Will update if anything bad happens to that awesome place across from the main library that serves those tasty meat pies. The name escapes us. Anyway, yeah, we'll update if anything serious happens.

Chant update: We've got two gems: "Occupation is a crime / Greece, Oakland, Palestine" and "No justice no peace / no racist police"

Protest update: More protesters turned out as night fell. Garbage cans overturned, plastic garbage can was dumped on Kearney, aluminum chairs tossed in Union Square. Protesters also shouted, "We are Oscar Grant!"