by Tiffany Maleshefski

You'd think that an airport as large as SFO might know a thing or two about flight travel. Turns out, not so much. At least not according to Michael McCarron, SFO's beleaguered spokesperson who has never been one to embrace the press. In all of our years working with him, we've only managed to illicit pure hatred from his boyish face.

And today was no exception. As we trolled through the media relations page on the SFO website and discovered that McCarron is STILL working for the airport, we were in utter disbelief. This is a man who so clearly hates his job, we thought he'd at least have moved on by now.

Seems that McCarron doesn't hate his job per se, he just totally likes being, for lack of a better word, a dick. We thought SFO might be a good resource for a story we're working on what trends in the travel industry we can expect in 2009. Boy, were we wrong. The conversation was very short, but not so sweet.

SFist: "We were just wondering if you might be able to tell us what we can expect in 2009 in terms of travel. Will the industry thrive, will we see a reduction in air traffic, an increase, status quo?"

McCarron: "Well, what do you want? What are you asking?"

SFist: "We just want to know how many passengers are expected in 2009 to circulate through SFO."

McCarron: "Well I can't really tell you that. It's all based on the economy."