This week TiVo decided it only has patience enough for one "Survivor" episode on its hard drive at a time. Being that this week presented us with one Thursday episode and the finale AND a reunion show on Sunday means we're gonna have to recap Thursday's ep purely on memory. So, in short, Sugar felt sorry for Matty because Kenny and Chrystal were being mean to him, so she decided to give him her Immunity Idol at Tribal Council since that was the last time it could be played, and she felt safe from the vote. It worked, and Chrystal was voted out.

On Sunday's episode, we were all shocked to see that Susie was still in the game. She must have been hiding in the bushes for the past few weeks. An immunity challenge came pretty early, and despite an early lead, Susie ended up wandering aimlessly, looking for puzzle pieces, while Bob won Immunity for the fifth time in a row. Meanwhile, Sugar wasn't anyone's target, and Susie and Kenny were the ones in fear of Exile, with Kenny getting the ultimate vote.