We've all been bummed out here over the sudden demise of Adam's Block. It was fun, legal, and helpful. And now? Well, this happened.

Here's the thing about Adam's Block recent drama. A group of posters on an "art" site called 12 oz Prophet (the size of a standard spray paint can, get it?) allegedly forced him to apologize for his site by threatening someone close to him.

Not cool. And illegal.

Adam, it seems, printed out the entire thread about him last night and then scanned it to make pdfs, which are available here. The comments -- which SFist will pore through today and this weekend, because there are many of them -- show some of the people that went after him. If they're smart, which we assume they are, they won't. These threats, while unacceptable, seem empty.

Does this all boil down to a group of graffiti fetishists who want their art production done off-camera? Perhaps. Some anti-big brother statement? Not likely.

Update: Another piece to the story: It all started off with the idea in the first page of the Prophet thread that it would be cool to go to the intersection and get some 12oz Prophet sign in camera view -- which C.W. Nevius sort of mentioned after he took the raw material he got from sites like this and SF Citizen and riffed on it -- somebody spray painted and then got caught a few days ago within the AB periphery. Then, Adam took down the clips showing the 12oz message and then they cried "free speech," or whatever.

After the jump is one of the, well, nicer comments thrown Adam's way.