The whole story of the Tracy child abuse case is starting to emerge. The boy's aunt, Caren Ramirez, who was arrested on Tuesday night, was charged in 2006 with inflicting "cruel and inhuman corporal punishment" on her nephew. IN 2007, Ramirez admitted in court to using "a deadly or dangerous weapon" while abusing the boy.

And on the foster parents side, the wife, Kelly Schumacher, 30, seems like an evil woman from the bowels of hell. Schumacher tells ABC 7 she was forced to take part in the beatings. She "admits she hit the boy in the stomach and arm, and used an aluminum bat to hit him in the knee at least five times." But also had the gall to point out, "I'm glad he escaped and I hope he's okay. I never wanted any of this to happen." Which is a lie.

She also says that her husband, Mike Schumacher, beat the boy less than she did.

The boy was released form hospital care on Wednesday. He is currently in the custody of Sacramento Child Protective Services.

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