Well, this not very nice.

Adam Jackson, founder of the addictive Tenderloin webcam AdamsBlock.com, has received his very first death threat today. (Congratulations, Adam. You're growing up so fast. Sob.)

Jackson's noted 24-hour camera, set up at his Taylor and Eddy Ellis apartment, simply shows the street action going on down below. And even though your editor cannot find a reasonably-priced studio apartment on that block, the area is touted as "the worst neighborhood in San Francisco." Which is what makes AdamsBlock.com so intriguing.

But just a few hours ago, Jackson sent out this urgent tweet. Ahem:

"Just received my first death threat. Time to start rethinking my privacy. Fame sucks” about 4 hours ago from Tweetie

Note to Adam: don't stress it. At least not too much. This happens. A lot. Believe us. Also, your live-cam is golden. Loads of fun to watch. In a perfect world, every dodgy street corner would have a live stream going for our personal enjoyment. But, yeah, nothing for which you should risk your life.