Um, scratch that.

Yelp Day, it seems, never happened. If you recall, Newsom supposedly declared today to be Yelp Day, but it was all one big fib. Or one big dream. Or one big misunderstanding by the fine folks over at Yelp. Newsom mouthpiece Nathan Ballard tells The Examiner, "No proclamation has been issued by the Mayor's Office."


Gay pornographers Colt Studios, however, got their own day.

Ouch, ouch.

The news of no Yelp Day came as a surprise to Yelp chief spokeswoman Stephanie Ichinose who claims that she worked with the mayor's staff on this year's proclamation. Ichinose even says that she received confirmation it would happen via a liaison with the mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services.

"I am a little shell-shocked by this," she tells The Examiner. "I even have the confirmation e-mail. We were really super-excited about it." (Post the email in question, Stephanie! Please!)

Anyway, this travesty must be further investigated. This has all the making of a Watergate-style cover up.