After spending over $1 million to prove to a judge, one who ruled over two years ago that we cannot add any new bicycle infrastructure to city streets, San Francisco's massive Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Bicycle Plan has -- at last! -- been released.

It's definitely interesting stuff: first, because it means we're one step closer to having some new bike stuff in this city; and second, because it's over a thousand fucking pages long. (Seriously, it ends at staggering 1353 pages.)

Also interesting: the report shows that bike lanes will mean some slowdown in transit. Uh oh. Of course that could be mitigated by adapting transit-priority signals that turn green when a bus needs to pass, instead of making busses stew endlessly in traffic, waiting for signals to change.

But, sadly, that would be hoping for too much. Muni is doomed to eternal, incompetent slowness. The least we can do is make life easier for bicyclists. Read more about the report at Streetsblog.