After Thursday's turkey and stuffing festivities have subsided and digested, Friday is when your wallet takes a hit on Black Friday, the day retailers hope to move into the black. But this year, due to our tanking economy, retailers are bound to come up short. (Even Oprah is turning her awe-inspiring "favorite things" episode into a DIY show. Pft.)

While most financial swamis predict a foul Black Friday, many are suggesting that "Cyber Monday" -- which allegedly earned its nickname from folks returning to work the Monday after Thanksgiving and not a marketing team -- might fair better. Many online retailers, according to executive director Scott Silverman, are "offering anything from free shipping, which is very popular, or coupons, or buy one get one free,"

Fingers crossed that the PSP's price takes a dramatic cut.

Conversely, most of you can choose/be forced to participate in Buy Nothing Day, an informal day of protest against consumerism observed by privileged social activists who grew up with too much money and every Nintendo game. Typically observed on Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day will fall on Saturday of 2008. The Really Really Free Market will hold a rally in Dolores Park at noon that day to celebrate. We suggest you buy a cute new hat and scarf since the weather promises to be quite chilly on Saturday.

At right: want.