Last Friday at Anna Conda's popular and controversial drag night, "Charlie Horse," a local performer collapsed on stage. At the end of the closing number of Garbage Tribute Night at The Cinch, Anna Warhola (AKA Paul Brinegar) went into respiratory and cardiac arrest, having to be revived multiple times.

She remains in a coma.

Jay Barmann at The Sword points out that since so many of the numbers at this Friday night midnight show feature performances in states of mock chaos, drunkenness and trauma, "the audience thought that her fall was part of the performance and laughed, with many of them quickly filing out of the bar and up the street without realizing what had happened."

The Sword goes on to say that "Paul recently lived in the South Lake Tahoe area, is believed to be originally from Hawaii, and has a twin brother." If anybody who knows how to reach Anna/Paul's family should contact Anna Conda (charliehorsecinch[at] or contact The Cinch (415-776-4162).