While yesterday's Karl Rove/John Edwards cabaret spectacular was re-scheduled for today -- in order to sidestep this from happening again, we'll asuume -- two sect members of the women’s peace group CODEPINK were pinched today at SF Marriot on 4th Street today for taking the stage alongside Karl Rove, staging a citizen’s arrest on charges of war crimes.

Going down at tje Commercial Finance Association's annual convention Janine Boneparth (who was busted last month for the same thing) and Nancy Mancias stole the show by getting up on stage an announcing "Ladies and gentlemen, Karl Rove is a war criminal!" And then? They got handcuffed and whisked away.

Why CODEPINK didn't get all up in Edwards' face for cheating on his wife remains a mystery. Because we would've been all, "Girl, hold my earrings!" (Pink Tank)