With four helicopters flying overhead, we had no idea what to expect early this evening at Market and Seventh Street, at least in terms of turnout, regarding tonight's Prop. 8 protest.

It was huge. Massive.

Although SFGate (via AP) reports a scant 1,000 protesters, we can safely say that that number is false. People who showed up to protest the passing of prop. 8 -- gay, straight, tranny, black, Latino, Mormon, rich, poor, Christian, white, atheist, even a couple of furries -- were there in numbers that reached the thousands.

As of 8:15 p.m., we're hearing a number of around 25,000 people, at least according to KPIX. PinkNews reports 15,000+.

Protesters peacefully marched up Market Street, over to Castro and 18th, and finally draining into Dolores Park. They filled the place. The park was overflowing with angry, concerned, and hopeful California citizens. It was a sight to behold on a simple Friday night.

Videos from the scene below the photos.