By Jeremy Hatch

Check out this gallery of Amazing Art With Books that we just found thanks to our friends at Juxtapoz.

As it happens, this one and this one are photos from a story we wrote about previously. They're of Adobe Books (on 16th, between Valencia and Guerrero) in November 2004, back when artist Chris Cobb rearranged the entire store's inventory by color, and entitled the installation There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World. (NPR has an interesting interview with Cobb here.)

Artist Nina Katchadourian (Stanford native turned Brooklynite, represented in San Francisco by the Catharine Clark Gallery) has a different take on books-as-art: arrange the books so that their spines spell out a phrase. She calls it the Sorted Books Project, and she's been at it since 1993. That's fifteen years of book-spine-photos-as-poetry, people. At least one of them seems to express the political situation we've been in for some eight years now: All the President's Men / Pissing in the Snow / With No Fear of Failure.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Image credit: left, credit unknown, via; right, Nina Katchadourian