Remember when Mission Mission wrote about that sinister Mission District landlord bitch who smeared blood and feces on tenants' doors -- which prompted the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition (link almost banned due to unfortunate auto-play music!) to throw a pun-errific tamales-and-chocolate party for said poop/blood-stained tenants? Well, Phil Bronstein is on the case now, so the story gets deeper. Much deeper. The tale between the landlord and residents of 871 Capp Street (Corado/Alvarado) also involves such landlord sorcery as keys broken off in doors, doors removed, surveillance camera, and the landlady "throwing a neighbor down the building's staircase." Charming. This landlord case blows SoMa's Kip and Nicole Macy's beam removals right out of the water. (SFGate)