That flower and vegetable garden at Civic Center -- the one that will, eventually, allow all of us to eat cake, or whatever -- gets a stay of execution. Since there has been a dubious "outpouring of public support" for the garden since its installation in early July," Mayor Gavin Newsom plans on keeping that garden in front of city hall until root vegetable season. Yay. We guess.

What is the Victory Garden, you ask? Well, it makes people feel good about themselves, for one. Also, the garden, it seems, involves World Wars I & II and something called "food miles." Check it:

About Victory Gardens 2008+ Victory Gardens 2008+ is a program of Garden for the Environment and the City of San Francisco's Department for the Environment. A two-year pilot project to support the transition of backyard, front yard, window boxes, rooftops and unused land into organic food production areas, Victory Gardens 2008+ derives its title from, and build on, the successful nationwide Victory Garden programs of WWI and WWII. Victory Gardens 2008+, however, redefines "Victory" in the pressing context of urban sustainability. "Victory" is growing food at home for increased local food security and reducing the food miles associated with the average American meal.

Anyway, you have until November to see it before the Victory Garden gets raped and pillaged by a horde of Black and Decker Weed Whackers.

Image: sftrajan