What with all of the not taking synthetic drugs we've been doing as of late, we completely forgot that Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us. Yay! And with that comes that annual gathering of types out in the desert called Burning Man. You know, that place where people find themselves and/or commit suicide?

Anyway, to get you all prepared for the big event, we re-present to you SFGate's best post ever. Sure, it's a time that they'd rather forget, but we applaud any publication that espouses the virtues of the ana lifestyle. Leslie Fulbright's blog on doing the master cleanse is a thinspiration bookmark for the ages. See, two years ago Fulbright needed to fit into a pair of, sigh, "glittery gold hot pants" for Burning Man. So, as reason would dictate, she took control of the chaos in her life starved herself doing master cleanse (AKA the lemon cleanse), failing around day five. Read all about it here.

But for more healthy coverage, Steven T. Jones should be live-blogging the chaos this year. Check back at SFBG for more details.