The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, as most of you know, host some amazing speakers. Nothing new, right? But tomorrow night's gathering is, as they say, not to be missed. Tomorrow night, you see, some of San Francisco's top chefs (and Top Chefs) tell all. And then some. Zoi Antonitsas (chef/restaurant consultant, Zazu), Jennifer Biesty (chef/restaurant consultant, formerly of COCO500), and Ryan Scott (executive chef/partner at Mission Beach Cafe) sit down to gossip about the city's (in)famous food biz, what to do in the kitchen, and just who in the Chez Panisse mafia has a hit out on who.

But here's the best part: Tablehopper's Marcia Gagliardi moderates the whole shebang AND Skyy Spirits provides you with a complimentary buzz. (Really, Marcia and vodka is the peanut butter and chocolate of the gastronomic set. Oh wait, you don't subscribe to Gagliardi's Tablehopper? Huh. Well, remedy your glaring character flaw by subscribing to the word on the SF dining scene here. And do it now. No, now.)

Also, tickets are available for a post-chat dinner at Mission Beach Cafe (designed by Chef Ryan Scott!). The five-course prix fixe meal will include vodka cocktail pairings by mixologists from Rye on the Road. Not to be missed, so get your gorge on, folks.

What: Top Chefs Tell All
Where: Commonwealth Club of San Francisco (595 Market Street)
When: 6 p.m., Aug. 20
Cost: Standard $15 to $25, Premium $80 to $95