After some debate on the authenticity of Dolores Aguilar's obit in the Vallejo Times-Herald, which if you recall was shockingly brutal, we got to the bottom of it all.

Turns out Aguilar's obit is real - mighty real, according to an anonymous editorial spokesperson at VHT. In order to publish the damning obit, the editor staff did something unprecedented. "We demanded to see Aguilar's death certificate brought in by a blood relative" before going ahead with the obit, our source tells us.

Also, just after SFist posted the story yesterday, the Vallejo Times-Herald pulled the obit online right-quick. It seems, who hosts the paper's online obits, yanked both the notice and the guestbook after receiving "over 200 responses" that bordered on cruel and offensive. (Just like Dolores!), we're told, prefers its commenters to never speak ill of the dead. Good luck with that.

But if you've access to a print issue of this weekend's Vallejo Times-Herald, you can find the obit in there, or read it here. Oh, and be sure to hold onto it. That issue is a keeper.