This one has been making the rounds today. We see why. It is most awesome/unfair depending on your perspective or zip code. See, alleged parking hog Omar found the above note tucked under his windshield in Noe Valley. It reads, ahem:

You are selfishly consuming 2 parking spaces. How Berkeley. Think next time. Don't be so self centered. Space, as you should know by now, is hard to come by.

May the fleas of a thousand camels invade your armpits.

First, it looks like San Francisco just found their new Poet Laureate. (Show yourself, anonymous scribe!)

Second, poor Berkeley. While, yes, it's true that people under the assumption that they're working for the greater good of humankind prefer treat people like crap on a one-on-one basis - and Berkeley has this mentality in spades, as does SF - is our East Bay sister really that bad when it comes to driving/parking? We just assumed the entire Bay Area didn't know who to drive.