Jim Herd at SF Citizen sent us this urgent message just now: "Ten mins ago. Lexus GS400 hit truck one block away. Driver went one block and then hit a Fulton 5. Driver ran into projects." Holy smokes. Anyone see what went down? We'll update as soon as we know more.

UPDATE 1: NextBus shows a deactivated 5 Fulton parked at Webster/McAllister. All other buses seem to be operating as normal (which means big gaps, punctuated by close bunching). Check it out here.

UPDATE 2: A gorgeous Mercedez-Benz took a hit. (Aw.) Also, check out the printouts of Google Maps and Google Search found on floor of destroyed Lexus. Clues? Maybe. Their addresses are: "255 Berry," "1001 Page Mill Road, "Canadian White Oak" - what does it all mean? Hmm.

Also, the driver took his cell but left his DC charger cord in the hurry.

For a second view of the accident, follow the jump.