Oh, hey! The new season of Mythbusters starts tonight at 9 p.m., featuring an episode called "Exploding Steak" wherein Adam and Jamie see if tough steak can be made tender via high explosives.

In a pinch, the bottom of a small sauce pan works just as well.

Also, they want your help. Come September, MythBusters needs around 300 volunteers to attempt yet another recreation of Archimedes' legendary solar death ray (see: ants, magnifying glass). How can you be on television AND defeat the Romans? Here's how:

Because it's been so popular with our viewers, this will be our third attempt at a story called Archimedes Death Ray. The myth is that the [Greek] army defended themselves from invading [Roman] ships by lining the shores with 300 soldiers. But these soldiers did not use conventional warfare. By using their mirrored shields to focus the sun's rays at the invading ships they could, the myth alleges, set the invading ships on fire and save the city.

300- 350 Volunteers to operate mirrors for the one day of experiment (engineering and science backgrounds preferred)