Holy smokes, this is the most harrowing thing we've ever reported. Allan Hough over at Mission Mission reports (via Inhabitat's Mike Chino) that bees have descended upon the Mission district. And they're out for blood! Check it:

Today (August 2nd) at 12:00 noon I spotted this itinerant horde of bees slowly making its way down 14th street between Mission and Valencia. The roving mass was apparently following a fugitive queen as she made her way down the block, clustering on top of cars and buildings with no concern for private property...

Go here for more detail.

Anyone else see the roving swarm? (Also, anybody else ever been stung by a bee before? We haven't. What can we expect? Please advise.)

Update: Bees quarantined, says MM. If you should ever need emergency beekeeping at a moment's notice - and, really, who doesn't? - contact sfbee.org. Bzzzz.