And you thought Sean Penn was a horrible idea?

Former corrupt San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, as many of you who still read the City's most popular Hearst publication already know, has his very own column in the Chronicle.

And it's awful.

During yet another lapse in judgment, Chron "editor" Ward Bushee made the retarded decision to put Brown on the Chon's masthead. In the end, it's an ethically-unsound (and inane) attempt to replace the gaping hole left by Herb Caen's departure. According to a much better scribe/human being, Matt Smith - one of state's most ingenious, kind, and sometimes taken for granted columnists - even some of the remaining newsroom journos at the loathe Brown's presence.

For many on the staff, "reading [Brown's shit-stained golden nuggets of whimsy and wisdom] became a game of Where's Waldo, in which players sought to find the greatest number of violations of the paper's ethical code," reports Smith.