Phillip and Andrew kick things off this morning with a little bit of sorcery. One-time Silicon Valley ad executive and current psychic spiritual healer and "intuitive consultant" Simone (nee Carol Simone), the lady who officiated San Francisco's Heidi and Spencer together in holy matrimony, tells M&R just what's in store for the couple's seemingly bright and highly privileged future.

Of course, she doesn't reveal much at all.

  • Regarding Newsom becoming governor of the glorious state of California: "I get a very positive energy about that. It's clear this is something he would like to do and he has a very strong personality, and I feel he'll get it." That is to say, she has no idea.
  • Whether San Francisco First Lady Jennifer Siebel will poop out a kid or two: Yes.
  • On Newsom's chance of becoming POTUS: "It's all up to him. The work he accomplishes within himself will determine how far he goes." That is to say, dunno.
  • Simone was introduced to the couple via Stanlee Gatti, a wedding planner and top-drawer friend, who got the three of them to talk about their "internal life" and other such nonsense.

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