Since we really, really, really enjoy some Erase Errata, we feel the need to bring this to your attention. Kind and terribly sweet EE frontlady Jenny Hoyston had her guitar stolen last night.


But fortunately some rock et roll outfit who call themselves Tussle posted the following announcement:

after Erase Errata's last minute show at million fishes, jenny's guitar got stolen. it's a black squire strat in a black gig bag with a blue stripe that says redon. it has a tag with jenny's name and phone number on it. She needs it back, if you have seen it or know where it is please return it. Erase Errata is leaving to play Europride in sweden in a few days. please get it back to jenny! please repost and help get it back. the number's on the gig bag, just give it back.

Anyway, if you've seen it, let Jenny know. And if you stole it? May you freeze in the ninth circle of hell for all eternity.

(via SF Weekly)