"A Strong Earthquake Has Shaken Los Angeles," or so says this jarring single headline on CBS 5. You know anything more? We'll update as soon as we do.

Update 11:45 a.m.: According to Twitter user jamesrocchi, "Earhtquake, fun. 5.6. 29 km from city center, but I felt it fairly well." (And it made him temporarily European! What's a "km"? Oh noes!) More to come.

Update 11:51 a.m.: It's been felt from LA to San Diego. LAist editor Zach Behrens says the quake came in at 5.8. (And he's safe. Whew.) Check out more over at LAist. We'll let them take it from here.

Also, it's moments like these in SoCal that, inexplicably, make us miss the place. Sadly, it's really one of the few things that brings people together down there. Chin up, other half.

Update: 12:19 p.m.: It's centered around Chino Hills, near Yorba Linda, 29 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

Update 12:48 p.m.: According to Eye On Blogs the quake is actually 5.4. The shaker must've photoshopped its size. Typical.

Shakemap credit: earthquake.usgs.gov