Workers and "community members" are protesting Victor Juarez over some sort of abuse happening at his San Francisco-based "taquerias of terror." Juarez - owner of San Francisco such allegedly mouth-watering dining establishments as Azteca Taqueria, Casa Mexicana, La Fonda, La Tortilla, and Mexico Au Parc (SFist Dan will have to let us know which one is the best) - is being accused of stealing tips, denying meal and rest periods, unpaid overtime, unpaid hours of work, and verbal abuse.

One chilling case in particular is that of "Maria"'s. While employed at Azteca, she "repeatedly saw the manager, who is also the owner's brother, take cash from the tips jar." After raising a stink, she was fired. (See, things like this don't happen at Taco Bell. Something to think about.) To read the harrowing press release in its entirety, follow the jump.