The guy's name is Brian Hart, he was in the Air Force, and he's in telecommunications, which is to say, he sells cell phones. His introduction showed him playing basketball somewhere in the Marina. C'mon people. Someone out there has to know this guy and give us some dirt!

Brian went into the game running and was instantly manipulating people, forming an alliance and telling the Head of Household, Granpa Jerry, exactly who to nominate for eviction. On the one hand, this was good because one of the nominations was the big baby (and we mean BIG, as he's a "natural bodybuilder") Jessie. On the other hand, this was bad because the other nominee was New Orleans "socialite" Renny, who, yes, is kind of annoying too, but is also kind of awesome with her many wigs, headdresses, and crazy outfits. At one point in the interview room she was looking exactly like Norma Desmond.