Well, we tried. And failed. See, after EaterWire told us about Thomas Keller "catering the grand opening party at the new Prada flagship" in downtown SF, we got moist thinking about attending the minimalist designer's latest unveiling to snap up a few pics, rub elbows with San Francisco Magazine folks, and maybe steal an accessory or eight. That is, until we couldn't get clearance from Allison Speer PR who told us, ahem, "[w]e are at capacity and i can not [sic] admit additional names," going to on tell SFist "[w]e reviewed your sigth [sic] and are UNABLE to accommodate your request."


Ok, we admit to being unreasonably angry. And, really, we'd probably feel as uncomfortable there as we would at Club Six on a Friday night, Zeitgeist after Critical Mass, or at one of those aging gay hipster bars. But still: it's Prada. It's fucking clothes. Why should we care that someone with an "@prodigy.net" suffixed email address thinks we're gauche? Is it exclusivity's siren song? The Keller spread, or lack thereof? That we won't get to poke fun at the failed anorexic, pseudo-Condé Nast "writers" of 7x7 littering tomorrow night's festivities? Why does it hurt so much to be rejected by people you don't even like in the first place? Sigh.

On a brighter note, SFist was invited to the "The Third Annual Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Festival." So. You know. There's that.

Altered image credit: Curbed