Now who in the hell, you might be asking, is Crazy Crab? Back in the dark days of 1984, Giants management wanted to create a mascot of their very own but after doing polls, realized that we here in San Francisco were just too sophisticated for baseball mascots. So the Giants created the world's first (and probably only) anti-mascot. The crab would come out and run sideways around the bases to the theme song of "Chariots of Fire" as well as the sound of booing and things being flung from the seats. Among many stories involving the Crab, Giants’ players hit him with fungo bats, then-manager Frank Robinson had to be restrained from going after him, and he was tackled by someone on the Padres. The abuse was so much that the actor who played him feared of being shot while running the bases. In fact, legend has it that in response to the abuse, the Crab once ran around the bases giving the fans a very special one-finger response. In other words, Crazy Crab > Lou Seal.

So with that being said, bring on the Crab!