Complaints to commence in 3...2...1....

The main people howling against the idea is the business community at Fisherman's Wharf who are concerned that they'd lose money because people would be unable to drive down the Embarcadero to buy their "Alcatraz Swim Team" sweatshirts. Nevermind that there's other ways of getting there or that tourists could, ya know, walk there. Aaron Peskin, the Supervisor who represents the Wharf, jumped at their command and, along with Sean Elsbernd and Michela Alioto-Pier, threw down the gauntlet and proposed putting the thing on hold until one of those "environmental impact reports" could be done, thus ensuring that the thing would probably see the light of day sometime around the time a sequel to "Speed Racer" comes out. Also mentioned as reasons not to do it are the arrival of two cruise ships and, of course, the process.

For those fans of Board of Supervisor intrigue, originally Ross Mirkarimi was added to a list of sponsors, invoking the wrath of tons of progressives who are behind the idea and in a dogs and cats lying together type of situation, are behind Gavin on this. Mirkarimi said his name was added to the bill by accident, something that set off Peskin who allegedly said some naughty things in response. Gavin (who nixed a third day in response to complaints from the business community) did some eye-rolling at all the controversy and wondered just who was going to be driving at those hours anyways.

A hearing will be held Monday about the thing.